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Short and Sweet Tips on Finding Cannabis Strain for You

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

An astronaut choosing between weed strains
Finding the right strain makes a galaxy of difference in your experience

With hundreds of strains floating around Sukhumvit Road alone, it could be confusing to keep track or even start finding strains you may like.

Deciding which strain to choose should depend on several factors, including your personal preference, tolerance level, medical condition, mood, time of day, and desired effect.

Here are our tips on finding cannabis strains that suit you and where to start:

1. Do your research before buying or consuming cannabis.

Understanding the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains can greatly affect your experience. This is important as THC and CBD contents greatly change the effects of each strain. Take control of whether you want to be energized or relaxed by knowing the basics. Check out our Sativa vs Cannabis guide written for and by smokers.

2. Start Low Before Going High

Start with a low dose and see how you feel. Cannabis affects everyone differently depending on the body's chemistry and metabolism. You can always increase your dosage gradually until you find your sweet spot.

3. Keep Track of Your Experience

Try with different strains and keep track of your experience. You can use a journal or an app to record details such as the strain, the amount consumed, the method of consumption, how long it took to feel the effects, how long the effects lasted, the intensity, and any side effects. Taking note of your initial experience with using cannabis can help you compare different strains and see what works best for you.

4. Check Your Sources

Read about the cafe and dispensary that you plan to buy from by reading user ratings and comments. Read about people's experiences before trying a strain. Check if the shop you are buying from has a government-issued license. This is usually posted within the shop premises.

5. When in Doubt, Ask. Never Hide if It's Your First Time

The community is always happy to help. Ask the Budtenders or the shop owners if they are around. It is also very important not to lie if shopkeepers ask if it's your first time as this will help them give you better recommendations. Lastly, we are here to help the community, so feel free to ask us anything or tell us about your experience and we would love to hear about it. We hope these tips on finding Cannabis strains helped!

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